About Artshare

Artshare is a benefit business collaboration in which artists share the proceeds of their work through fundraising projects in cooperation with organizations dedicated to community service.
As an alternative to retail art sales, Artshare encourages creative people to be actively involved with the needs of their community, bringing along their talents for publicity and art marketing.
In this way, both charitable causes and the art community benefit.

Artshare event prices are kept affordable.
The artists receive, after expenses, an agreed upon percentage of sales with the balance going to the cause. Everyone involved works to see that benefit overhead costs are kept low & that funds go where they should.

Artshare events can be of a wide variety: exhibits in public spaces and during public events; gallery shows; public performances [live or via media]; touring exhibits, silent auctions, raffles; home shows; trunk shows; art-lease programs; meet-the-artist slide shows or demonstrations; online sales; group or solo events. In fact, the whole spectrum of creative marketing opens up when the art community sets out to help raise money for the common good.

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