1  Creative Art Works Productions

A variety of entertaining and informative educational materials that bring wilderness awareness within reach of schools and the public to help shrink the gap between the human urban experience and our natural habitat. These materials may include:
• The written word for publication:
WOLF! WOLF! Plays for Kids from Greek Stories by Caroline Rackley, published 2014 through Amazon.com, brings Aesop Fable animals to life for the dramatic enjoyment of elementary age children; next is Plays from Animal Stories of Native America;
• Visual art exhibits;
• Age specific wilderness field trip experiences on DVD for schools where busing into natural environments is impracticable;
• Books created by classrooms through wilderness curriculum using the children's quotes, art and acquired facts;
• DVDs generated about the wild involving cultural storytelling, drama and music;
• Multi-media scientific, agricultural, artistic and contemplative visuals prepared as touring exhibits for schools, libraries, regional museums, community centers, and the like to reach people who are removed from contact with the wild.

2  Playbooks for Kids available on Amazon.com

Wolf! Wolf! Front Cover

Wolf! Wolf! Back Cover